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Creative - Eye-catching - Informative

Northwest Video Productions specializes in producing creative, eye catching, and informative videos for small businesses. 

Videos that are designed to attract customers, boost sales and increase your profits. 

In today's marketplace it is essential to be out in front of your competitors and videos that show customers your company, your products and your services are the ideal way to do that. A video specifically created for your company puts a face on your business and creates a feeling of comfort and familiarity for your customers. 

We have the knowledge, the experience and the creative skills needed to put your business where it needs to be - ahead of your competitors!  You'll be surprised just how easy it is to grow your customer base with video!


NW Video productions

Northwest Video Productions is a division of Tybach Production Services.  Established in 1987 by Gerald Lewis - a film school graduate and ex BBC Cinematographer - it quickly developed a reputation for providing creative and unique solutions that meet the clients' video needs. 

Videos designed to boost sales and increase profits.



Gerald lewis

Gerald has over 25 years production experience. This experience ensures he is able to work quickly, efficiently and affordably.  Regardless of the scope or the budget, all projects are approached the same way, with a creative eye and a commitment to make your video better than you ever imagined it could be.



Why should you use video?


Your business has the track record of excellence, you should put your happiest customers in front of the camera and harness the power of a video testimonial.

Bio Videos

Forget about the short bio and headshot approach, a video is the perfect way for your staff to introduce themselves.  It's a personal and individual way to reach your customers.


Product demonstrations

Manuals are confusing and phone support is tedious, a video can show your customer how to do something both quickly and efficiently.

"Not all production companies are alike. We pride ourselves on the high standards we bring to all our work. The videos we produce for you are creative, visually appealing and, most importantly, they work! The videos we produce will be ones you will be proud to have represent your company."


Everything begins with an initial idea. The video production process involves taking that initial idea and blending creative and technical skills to create a meaningful presentation for viewers. Each client has a unique vision for their brand. From the very beginning it is our mission to keenly understand your brand and goals and bring your message to life using video.